Check what we think are the most wanted gifts!

Its officially okay to start thinking about Christmas pressies now that Halloween is done and dusted. This means that your children will start hemming and hawing over what presents to ask Santa Claus for this Christmas! With this in mind, we decided to ask around the office to try predict Santa’s most wanted gifts and the parents here at Sheridan’s gave us a list a mile long! These are the 5 top gifts that we predict that Santa little elves will be busy making this Christmas.


Little Tikes Princess Horse and Carriage

Most little girls dress up like little princesses with their tiaras and gowns so what little princess doesn’t want a chariot to ride around in while they go about their princess duties. This horse and carriage will 100% be a big hit this Christmas because it has some excellent  features as the horses head moves from side and side, makes clopping noises as your child rides in the chariot and it is decorated beautifully.It has a switchable adult controlled and child powered modes so it suitable for toddlers too (18 months+). Buy the Little Tikes Princess Horse and Carriage here.





Paw Patrol Sea Patroller

Children have gone Paw Patrol crazy the last year so it is easy to say that Paw Patrols Sea Patroller will me making the cut on both girls and boys Santy lists this year. This playset converts into a ship so that Rider and ATV can carry out rescue missions and save the day! Buy it here.






Lego Boost

LEGO have stepped it up a level this year and have released LEGO Boost which is like no other LEGO set released before! It was developed to  enhance children coding skill (IT is making a breakthrough for young children). The set includes 840+ pieces, colour/distance sensor and an encoded motor. With this kit your child can build and code 5 different objects including an interactive cat, guitar and robot! This allows your child to carry out activities that are both fun and educational at home. Buy it here.







VTech Kidi Super Star

If your child believes that they are a born singer and performer, the VTech kidi super star kit will be on their Santa list. This kit allows your child to sing along to songs properly as they can remove and reduce vocals from the song using the music magic feature. It had a voice changing function, disco light, built in songs and recorder (records up to 4 mins of singing). It also has fun rhythmic games and tongue twisters when your child wants to have a giggle! Its available in black too! Buy them here.







Disney Pixar Cars 3 Movie Moves Lightning McQueen

When Cars 3 was released, the love for the Cars characters was reignited. There is no doubt that Lightning McQueen will be Santa lists on this year as he reacts to motion and goes forward, backward, left, right, upside down and says over 65 sounds and iconic phrases! His highlights and taillights work too. This is also available in Cruz Ramirez! Buy it here.





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