Your engagement ring needs to be protected correctly

Did you get engaged this Christmas? Congratulations! It makes this time of the year even more special. Now that you are engaged, expect questions like ‘what date are you getting married?’ and ‘have you looked at wedding dresses?’. The ring is barely on your finger so take some time to enjoy the happy emotions before you get stuck into wedding planning. Believe me, after a few weeks you will realise that you won’t be the only person getting engaged this year and you need to start booking your wedding. We have a few tips for you to follow once you have your engagement ring on your finger. 


Insure your engagement ring

Insure your engagement ring on your home insurance or contents insurance. We don’t sell specific insurance for engagement rings but we can protect them as a specified item on your house insurance. We can talk you through the whole process and our recommendations. Also, we may ask a few questions about how your partner proposed! We love a good love story!


Take photos

Yes, take photos of your engagement ring. If anything ever happens, at least you can show the insurance company what it looks like. Take a few photos of the ring at different angles and one of the ring on your finger. We can keep these on file with your house insurance if you ever need to make a claim.



When your engagement ring was purchased, you should have received a valuation from the jewellers. This tells you, how much the ring was worth at the time of purchase and it is written proof that the engagement ring is yours. If you didn’t receive one, you need to get one done before you can insure it.







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