Will the Aladdin remake be as good as the animation?

Aladdin was probably one of the first movies I seen in the cinema as a kid. It’s a moment of my life I will never forget because it was the first time I sat in a room with an oversized screen with a fizzy drink and a bag of popcorn. What’s not to like! Now that I have so many memories attached to this movie, I hope that the remake with Will Smith will live up to my expectations. 

The trailer really stopped me in my tracks because it felt like Will Smith was talking to me! Make sure you watch it below. It’s action packed and if you’re bringing your own kids to the cinema, I think they will enjoy the vibrant colours and the energy of the movie. Jasmine is still wearing her iconic turquoise outfit on the magic carpet and the song just melts my heart all over again. When the video was released in the nineties, I think my sisters and I wore out the VCR! 

The question is, would you rather your kids to watch the animation from 1992 on repeat or the 2019 remake? AND how long will it be until the magic lamp appears on their Santa list!