A family communion can be a tricky occasion to find a suitable outfit for. It can be hard to look appropriately dressed and stylish yet not look like you’re going to a nightclub or a wedding and of course we want something you can wear again. We don’t ask for much! Below are a few ideas we have put together that we think fit the bill.


A Classic Wrap Around 

We love this twist on the classic wrap around dress. It’s definitely not dressy enough for a wedding, there is no need for a jacket or cardigan and it’s suitably classy and elegant. You will be pulling this out of your wardrobe for years to come. Buy it here.


Are you brave enough for Coulotte’s?

Like them or not culottes are everywhere this year. They make a great foundation for any communion outfit, plus you will get endless wear out of them over the summer. Theme them with a bodysuit, blouse, fine knit jumper or be bold and wear a co coordinating top. These fuschia pink ones are a steal in New Look at only €34.99. Buy them here.



Wide Leg Pants

I bought a pair of wide leg black pants not really knowing where I was going to wear them, but I have almost worn them out. They are super comfy and allow you to wear whatever shoes you like which is so important on a long day like a communion. They go with pretty much everything. Pair them with a long sleeved blouse for the communion and you don’t even need a jacket or cardigan and you are super comfy and stylish. Here is our favorite pair from Zara €54.99. Buy them here.



The Jumpsuit

It looks like jumpsuits are around to stay. This classic black jumpsuit from Ruby Rouge is perfect for a communion and it will lend itself to so many other occasions during the year. You can accessorize it with numerous colours and accessories. It will also suit any season. You could even bling it up for your Christmas party. It’s €110 but we think it’s worth every penny. You can buy it here.





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