2013 Most Popular Toys – The Comeback Kids


We are going crazy for toys in the office this week with the impending Late Late
Toy Show- Exciting! It’s hard to keep a good toy down. 2013 sees the comeback
of some of the best toys of our childhood. Here in Sheridan’s HQ we have picked
our favourites.



I can remember wondering what a Furby did and after playing with my nieces
for a while I was still left wondering…. But apparently our little furry friend has
had a technological overhaul. Each Furby now has  an app for iPhone, iPod
Touch and iPad. Making them the perfect electronic pet.



When I think of Monopoly I think of Monotony!! Hours spent around a table
trying to stay awake while the family fought over Shrewsbury Road and
winning  £10 in a beauty contest. This year sees the arrival of a fast paced
version of the game. Monopoly Empire allows you to buy billboards for
companies such as Ebay, McDonalds etc. Every time you pass Go you
receive a payment for every billboard- the person who hits the money
target first wins so there is always an end in sight.



So Barbie doesn’t look too bad for someone who will turn 55 next year.
To celebrate her 55th year she is going Glamping! Yes Barbie has her
very own Glamour Camping Van including a swimming pool, flat screen
TV and pink chandelier.  No wonder she looks so well!


Cabbage Patch Kids

I loved these the first time around and I am smitten again. The facial
expressions on each Cabbage Patch Kid is superb and they come with
their own birth cert and adoption papers. Not too mention the assortment
of accessories and clothes now available. A truly lovely alternative to all
the electronic gadgets and gizmos.



Finally but by no means least Lego.  I’m sure you all remember trawling
through boxes of lego fighting over wheel sets and the very scare lego
figures. How things have changed….. Lego is now synonymous with the
latest action movies such as Star Wars and Marvel Super Heroes.
They have even introduced “Girl Lego” where you can make horse trailers
and pet salons. Lego seems to be as popular as ever and on everyone’s
Santa list. I wonder however, if it has lost the play value that made it such a
favourite with both parents and kids? Once you have constructed your
Star Wars Millennium Falcon the play value is limited. Back in the day
we would disassembled it and turned into a tractor!!!

So while we see a return of some of our favorite toys they have been
given a millennium make over. I just hope the new features will give
children the great memories we had.